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About us

AFK Helper was originally created as a guild utility for the guild NaXiS.
We would share our Campaign stage winning formations with each other via the site.
However, we quickly realized that this site could be much more useful, if we shared it with the public.
So we made the site public, shared it in as many places as possible and quickly saw it grow past anything we could have ever imagined!
We quickly added support for towers, followed by Misty Valley and Cursed Realm.
I hope that the site will continue to be a great resource for all of the AFK Arena community.

This site would not have been possible to create without the following wonderful people:
Monstermus - Helped me make the core part of the site. Uploading and showing uploaded content.
Bʟᴀᴄᴋ Dᴇᴀᴛʜ Cᴜʟᴛ - Made a compression function for uploads, so that the server hosting the site wasn't filled and overloaded within months.
Hamman - Lazy loading, navigation improvements and a lot of requests from me, saving the site some huge loads. Check out their AFK Arena Guide collection page
TheFaint - Creator of the Discord bot AFKit
異世界転生 - Making our usersearch functionality.
Dae314 - Creator of AFKBuilder and the implementation of AFKBuilder strings on our site.
Cataclismo - Made the login system on the site and working on other cool projects in conjunction with the login system.

And of course a huge thank you to all of our uploaders. Without you this project would have never been what it is today!